Account Switcher for WordPress (Multiple accounts plugin)

Account Switcher for WordPress (Multiple accounts plugin)

Account Switcher for WordPress (Multiple accounts plugin)

With Account Switcher, you can add a new and super feature to your sites, especially by eliminating a big deficiency of your social WordPress sites. Account Switcher offers you the convenience of logging in with more than one account and switching between accounts on a device you see on many popular social media sites. And besides being very easy to use, it can work integrated with Walogin – Membership management with Blockchain (Authenticator), our blockchain membership management plugin.

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How to use

First of all, you have to add the purchase code that Envato gave you to the license section to activate the plugin.

It is very simple to use as you can see in the picture below. You just need to add a menu to the field you want to add with the ”#account-switcher” link. Account Switcher only works after login. In other words, if no login is logged, Account Switcher will be inactive.

You do not need any additional settings. If you want it to appear in the WooCommerce My Account menu, you can activate it as follows. If you have Walogin. The “Active Walogin” setting will also appear. By activating this, you can enable users to log in with Walogin via the Account Switcher.

Changes log

= 1.0.0 =
* Plugin released

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