How to download YouTube Video, Audio
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How to download YouTube Video, Audio

If this is your question, “How can I Download YouTube Video on my computer, Android phone, iPhone or iPad?”. “You can download YouTube videos with the help of the Pastepe,” This will be my answer. let’s know how it works.

Here I will not teach such unnecessary things like installing this app in your Android or iPhone or download that software on your computer. I talk about All in One technology. Pastpe is a tool that is capable of every device. Because it is a browser-based tool. You can use it with your favorite browser on any device.

How to download YouTube video on any device?

Below are some steps that will help you to download YouTube videos on your desktop/computers, smartphones, and tablets. This tool will work for all devices.

Select Video

Open YouTube App on your phone select the video which you want to download.

Copy Video Link

Click the share button at the bottom centre of the video. On clicking the button, the bottomsheet will appear from the bottom to the top. Click on the Copy link option in the bottomsheet.

Go To Pastepe

Pastepe is online downloader tool that lets you Download YouTube Videos on your devices. By clicking Youtube Downloader you can directly go to Pastepe tool. Using this tool you can save the YouTube video with HD quality and different formats. You can also download YouTube Audio by using this tool.

Paste Video Link

Paste your video link in YouTube Downloader input field then click on the download button.

Your download starts now.

On the download page, you can see all the format and quality of your YouTube video. Click on that download button that quality of video you want to download.

After clicking the download button your video will start downloading.