IC Campaign – Email Marketing | Campaign Management Application

IC Campaign - Email Marketing | Campaign Management Application

IC Campaign is a campaign management platform highly
recommended for real estate industry but it can be also
used for any promotional purpose. It is a dynamic and 100%
responsive platform. This system is connected with
Active Campaign API and the total campaign data will be
managed from active campaign. Super admin can create unlimited user and will
have all the access and support. User/client will create campaign with
details along with specific property type, region, deal etc.

The system has advanced dashboard along with so many advance
functionalities. Built in integration of
PayPal payment gateway with other setting and user can also
integrate other payment method. Moreover, this is a nice, clean and advanced
campaign management software for any kind of promotional activity.


  • Smart and elegant dashboard with top and left menu
  • Unlimited user support with custom role and permission
  • User management along with role and permission management
  • Client module with credit add and update facility
  • Package category and sub-category with add, edit and delete
  • Create new package with edit and delete functionalities
  • Package details with export and printing options
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Transaction history
  • Create new campaign with necessary data along with edit and delete
  • System will have built in campaign data through Active Campaign API
  • Campaign Management will be handled from active campaign
  • Campaign mail will be sent automatically according to user’s campaign
  • List of campaign with status like number of sent, delivered and opened
  • After 30 minutes’ campaign will start automatically and edit will be
  • Admin can edit or override campaign status
  • Download campaign status in pdf or picture format
  • User/Client will need of credit to create a campaign
  • Client can purchase credit and check available credit
  • List of all payment history made by particular client
  • Client will have to buy a package to create and execute a campaign
  • Dynamic template functionalities with editor
  • Admin can create custom email template
  • Admin can also upload existing template and save it to system
  • Template list along with edit and delete functionalities
  • List of property type with edit and delete options
  • Client can create an issue and send it to admin
  • Issue list for client with solution and status provided by admin
  • Admin will also have issue list as per client
  • Review and solution giving option for admin with status
  • Dynamic system settings
  • Profile update and logout functionalities

Admin Credentials:

Demo url:http://ic-campaign.itclanproducts.com

Demo admin url:https://ic-campaign.itclanproducts.com/admin/login

Admin Credentials:
Username: Admin
Password: 12345678

Client Credentials:

Username: client
Password: 12345678

Documentation & Support:


Baseline Version 1.0 on 4 December 2022

Initial release
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