Universal Storage Add-ons Bundle for Apkbob

Universal Storage Add-ons Bundle for Apkbob

Note: Universal Storage Addons Bundle isn’t an independent storage system. Universal Storage Addons Bundle is available only for Apkbob. If you do not purchase Apkbob yet then Click here for purchasing

Complete storage add-ons for Apkbob, includes global storage providers like (wasabi, Cloudflare, etc…)

What’s included?

  • Wasabi Cloud Storage
  • Storj Object Storage
  • Idrive E2 Cloud Storage
  • Backblaze B2 Storage
  • Cloudflare R2 Storage
  • Digitalocean Spaces


We always provide a demo version in our scripts, you can click on Live Preview above to check it or you can visit https://vironeer-scripts.com/apkbob.

Note!: Some functions are disabled in the demo version (Delete, Add, Update)

Admin Panel: https://vironeer-scripts.com/apkbob/admin

Email: [email protected] | Password: Admin


Version 1.0

- Uploaded
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