Woo Time to Buy

Woo Time to Buy

Woo Time to Buy

Woo Time to Buy is a plugin for Woocommerce-based shops. It adds a short email form to product pages, right under the Buy Now button. The form can be hidden or visible:

Hidden form

Visible form

Why use Woo Time to Buy (WTTB)?

If a customer is not ready to buy right away, they can sign up to receive a shopping alert for your product at a specific time in the future. At the same time, they can sign up for a price-drop alert. They can select either one or both types of alerts when signing up.

A customer may want to receive an alert at a later date because of their payment schedule, to remind them to restock a product when they run out, or before a special date if they’re shopping for a present.

By empowering your shop visitors, you remove the stress associated with signing up for “yet another email list”. These days inboxes are full of promotional emails. With WTTB, the customer is in control receiving a shopping alert exactly when they want it. This feature does not replace your proactive email list, but is an important passive marketing tool.

Will I know who signed up for what?

Part of the appeal of WTTB is customer’s privacy, so their contact information will be hidden from view. However, you will see for types of alerts – date or price-drop – and for which products they signed up.

If you notice a price drop alert, you may choose to reduce the price right away and encourage the sale. If you see a date-based alert, you may run a promotion around that time as well.

Settings Screen

There are two tabs on the settings screens.

Tab 1: General

Tab 2: Email

Default Email Formatting


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