XSender – Bulk Email, SMS and WhatsApp Messaging Application

XSender – Bulk Email, SMS and WhatsApp Messaging Application


XSender Laravel Web Application sends bulk Emails through SMTP, PHP Mailer, Send Grid API, and also sends mass SMS via android device using SIM and SMS API Gateway. Also You can send mass WhatsApp messaging, SMS and Email as a promotional campaign or others.


Admin Panel Link: https://xsender.igensolutionsltd.com/admin
Username: admin || Password: admin

User Panel Link: https://xsender.igensolutionsltd.com
Demo User Email: [email protected] || Password: 12345678

To use the demo app for test purposes then you need to connect the app with our demo server domain link: https://xsender.igensolutionsltd.com when the app runs.

Download Demo SMS Gateway APP

Click Here

For Support: https://support.igensolutionsltd.com

Live Chat For More Query Over The Skype OR Messenger

Available Features

  • Send Mass Email:- send mass email through supported files CSV, excel, txt, and also from a group that you can store in your panel.
  • Send Mass SMS:- Send SMS to a large number of people at a time supported files CSV, excel, txt, and also from a group that you can store in your panel.
  • WhatsApp Messaging:- Send WhatsApp messages to a large number of people at a time supported files CSV, excel, txt, and also from a group that you can store in your panel. You can also add multiple WhatsApp account in your panel.
  • Android SMS Sending APP:- Send SMS through the android SMS sending app from your country’s mobile SIM card for a low SMS cost. Try a downloaded DEMO APP from here. SMS Android Gateway app can reduce your SMS cost and if it runs with a dual SIM, the transferring process will be faster and smoother.
  • Dual SIM Support:- Android SMS Sending app support dual sim at a time, reducing SMS sending time from the queue.
  • SMS API Gateway:- Send SMS from 3rd party API which is included 7 SMS API Gateways.
  • Email Sending Method:- Send Email using SMTP, PHP Mailer, and SendGrid API. 
  • White-Level App:- You can customize SMS Gateway Apps Logo, Name, and Package Name for up to 2 apps after purchasing this script. Just open a support ticket from here.

How It Works and How Android SMS Gateway Works!

  • Install Admin Panel:- After purchasing this script, you will get a PHP Laravel web application file with the installation script. So, no need for coding experience to install this script into your cPanel or VPS server.
  • Configure Mail:- Configure mail for sending a mass email with SMTP, PHP Mailer, and SendGrid API from the admin panel and set a default method for sending emails and mail notifications.
  • Configure SMS Gateway:- You can configure 4 gateways of your choice with configuration data from the gateway company and set a default sending API Or You can send SMS through Android APP. 
  • Install Android App:- After purchasing this script, download the release APK file from the documentation. After installing APP then configure the APP. Its setup process is very easy just follow our easy documentation with a step by step screenshots.
  • Configure SIM Into Device:- After Login into the SMS sending app then configure SIM with the country code and SMS Limit. 
  • Ready to SEND SMS:- Now you can send SMS using API or Android App.
  • SMS Status:- SMS sending status will be working> Pending >Processing> Delivered/Failed. The process is automatically maintained through Cron Jobs.

Server Requirements

  • Apache or Nginx
  • PHP 7.4 or above
  • MySQL Version 5.7+ or MariaDB version 10.2+


  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • PDO_MYSQL PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension


  • Mod_rewrite

This script runs in any VPS or Shared server as well.

Android Device Requirements

  • Android version 5.0 or above
  • Ram 2GB or more 
  • The device must have google play services.

Attention Note

This app is for admin that uses it for SMS sending purposes. So it can not be published in the Play Store. Recently a policy has been changed by Google that SMS-related apps need permission. After 9 March 2019, this type of app will not be uploaded in the Play Store. For more information, please check Here. So you will get all the latest updated apps whenever our any new versions are released. 

[N: B- Some of the image files are not included in the source code, Only one can view the demo URL.]

Help and Support

You can have customer support services from us 24/7. For any kind of queries, please feel free to contact us for customization, support, and suggestion. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority! We are absolutely committed to our valued customers to provide the best services.

We do appreciate your valuable feedback and your feedback helps us to improve our business and services.

For Support: https://support.igensolutionsltd.com

Live Chat For More Query Over The  Skype OR Messenger

Refund Policy: If you download the script after purchasing, we don’t provide refund as per our company policy.


Version 1.3.5 [23 Dec 2022]

  • Validated Media File In WhatsApp messages.
  • Manual Payment File uploading issue solved

Version 1.3.4 [20 Dec 2022]

  • Improve translate function
  • Improve Global word
  • Add WhatsApp Video Message
  • Fixed single message schedule problem
  • Fixed 2 others minor issues

Version 1.3.3 [16 Dec 2022]

  • Fixed issue on translate function
  • Improve schedule sending Email, SMS & WhatsApp

Version 1.3.2 [15 Dec 2022]

  • Added new function Offensive Word Block
  • Added new function Variables or tags can be used to send Email, SMS & WhatsApp
  • Improved multi- language feature
  • Delay WhatsApp messaging feature improved
  • Improved queue system to send Email, SMS & WhatsApp

Version 1.3.1 [1 Dec 2022]

  • Add new function WhatsApp Messaging Time
  • WhatsApp Messaging Feature Improved
  • Improve Mail Composer

Version 1.3 [17 Nov 2022]

  • WhatsApp Messaging Feature
  • Fixed Some minor bugs

Version [08 Nov 2022]

  • Update Email Composer
  • Update SMS Apps multi-part Text
  • Fixed Some minor bugs

Version 1.2.2 [10 Oct 2022]

  • Fixed Some minor bugs

Version 1.2.1 [23 September 2022]

  • User Registration Mail verification
  • Email Composer update
  • New Notifications mail Template
  • Improve design in admin and user panel

Version 1.2 [19 September 2022]

  • Added more SMS API
  • Added more Payment Gateway
  • Email Composer update with local storage
  • Fixed bugs on delete issue in multi lang
  • Improve design in admin and user panel

Version 1.1 [28 August 2022]

  • Multi-Language
  • Manual Payment Gateway
  • User Sign-Up Bonus
  • Free Plan In Subscription

Version 1.0 [5 August 2022]

  • First Release


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