Teleman – Telemarketing & VoIP Service SaaS Application

Teleman – Telemarketing & VoIP Service SaaS Application

Teleman version 2.0.0 contains massive changes. To upgrade from the older version please keep in mind that each customer has to get their own twilio number to make any calls. From now customers do not need touse the admin’s phone number. Please change the log for more updates.

Teleman is SaaS application that
allows you to make calls to your customers
to promote your products.
There is an IVR dialer where you can live call your customers and sell products.
This is a Twilio-based voice-calling application
so you need a Twilio account to
start your telemarketing service.
You can send voice messages from a text file and also a prerecorded file.
By adding new contacts to a group you can you can start a campaign.

Check Twilio Coverage: click to see coverage country

Check Twilio international phone number availability and their capabilities: click to see availability and their capabilities

Twilio Call Cost Rate click to see pricing

Troubleshooting Dropped Twilio Voice Calls click to see dropped voice calls

Available features:

  • 1. VoIP dialer[Live call dialer/softphone]
  • 2. Subscription-based SaaS
  • 3. Group contacts
  • 4. Multiple providers
  • 5. Group campaign
  • 6. IVR calling
  • 7. Cron job
  • 8. Leads
  • 9. Pricing system
  • 10. Blogging
  • 11. Multi-currency support
  • 12. SEO
  • 13. Google Translate
  • 14. Multiple payment gateway support
  • 15. User management
  • 16. Newsletter
  • 17. One-click auto-upgrade
  • 18. Menu builder
  • 19. Specific country call cost
  • 20. Agent role
  • 21. Custom CSS JS

Teleman has a built-in multi-currency converter you just need to select a country currency and
it will automatically convert to the current exchange rate.
You can update the current rate anytime by clicking on the update button.
The application by default provides us with this offer so you can
change your currency and can make it like default.

System Requirements

  • PHP >= 8.0+
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • curl enable
  • zip Extension
  • gd Extension


Youtube Playlist


Link : Demo Link

Documentation: Documentation Link

Admin Login

Username : [email protected]

Password : 12345678

Customer Login

Username : [email protected]

Password : 12345678


1. What is Teleman?
- Teleman is a SaaS application that can make calls from the browser powered by Twilio.

2. What is the main benefit of Teleman?
- Once you buy it, you have the power to build your own large and profitable business by selling subscriptions for Teleman. Create subscription plans and let your customer pick one, and they will get direct access to the software.

3. What is the difference between a regular and an extended license?
- The main difference between these licenses is that under the Regular License, your end product (incorporating the item you’ve purchased) is distributed free of charge, whereas under the Extended License your end product may be sold or otherwise limited to paying customers.

4. What type of hosting needs if I have at least 10000 active customers and heavy traffic on-site?
- For sites with high-traffic demands, cloud, VPS, dedicated, and cPanel hosting solutions ensure high performance.

5. Do you provide installation support?
- YES. Only application installation, not the server configuration.

6. Will you provide detailed script documentation and source code if I need to customize it.?
- YES.

7. Can I create a custom purchase plan if any customer wants it?
- If a customer requests a custom plan for his needs, you can create it for him.

8. Can a customer perform the offline payment?
- Sure, for any custom plan upgrade, customers can perform offline payment using PayPal or SSL COMMERZ. We can add more payment methods if you need them (Paid Customization).

9. Can I control my clients?
- Sure, an admin has the total privilege to control his customers. You can block, expel, or trash any unauthorized customers.

version 2.0.0
- Phone number marketplace.
- Purchase phone number by credit.
- Assign a phone number to the buyer's account.
- Each customer will have their own phone number.
- Configure phone number account.
- Phone number renewal.
- Automatically revoke the phone numbers.
- Squad payment gatway
-  And some bug fixes.
version 1.6.0
- WordPress plugin released

- Google ReCaptcha is disabled by default
version 1.5.2
- Call cost manager country delete option

- Agent Calling
- insufficient balance
- User delete
- Pricing UI
version 1.5.1
- Perfex CRM Addon
- Dynamic Page Maker
- Addons Panel

- Calling Bugs
- Logout issue
version 1.5.0
- Customer KYC document verification
- Enable & disable the option for KYC verification
- Send SMS from the live campaign
- Deduct credit for SMS sending usage

- Purifier bugs
- Agent usage deduction from the owner's credit
- Google reCaptcha is disabled by default
version 1.4.2
- Custom CSS
- Custom JS
- Stop Cron Jobs
- Currency Delete

- Campaign audio calling
version 1.4.1
- Payment history delete option
- Cron Jobs run time status UI

- Campaign bulk calling
version 1.4.0
- Agent Role
- Google reCaptcha v2

- Flutterwave bug fixed
version 1.3.2
- Developer Feedback Form
- Auto updater version 1.0.2

- Paystack bug fixed
- Adding new user package issue fixed
- Call logs
version 1.3.1
- Razorpay Payment Gateway

- Auto updater
version 1.3.0
- Paystack Payment Gateway
- Twilio call cost list and Application call cost
- Call the Cost Manager

- Specific country call cost and deduction
- Each package country selection
version 1.2.0
- Flutterwave Payment Gateway

version 1.1.0
- New Dashboard UI

- Redirect to the dashboard after login
- Twilio Branding removed
    version 1.0.0
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