Stories Plugin – Belloo Dating Software

Stories Plugin - Belloo Dating Software

Stories Plugin for Belloo Dating Software

You need Belloo – Complete Premium Dating Software to run this plugin

-Allows your uesrs to share stories like instagram

List of plugin features:

  • Days for show stories
    Set how much days the story will be available to see if not featured in the profile (as instagram)
  • Duration for photo image story
    Set the duration of the story if the publication is an image, for the videos the duration will be the video time duration
  • Charge credits for see story
    Allow users to turn any story as private and people must pay credits to see it
  • Charge in credits for reply a story
    Charge credits to users if they one reply to a story (optional)
  • Auto add into stories the uploaded media
    Enable for auto add the uploaded media of the profiles to the stories
  • Create story albums (Highlights)
    If enabled users will be able to create albums for their already uploaded stories
  • Only verified user can view stream
    If enabled do not allow to view live stream if user is not verified
  • Story message
    Allow users to send private message from story
  • Transfer the credit amount of the purchase
    If enabled the amount of the story purchase will be added to the story owner
  • Review uploaded story
    Put the story in the review section to approve or delete it
  • Show story even if in review
    Enable to show the stories even if they are pending for review, if disabled it will show the story only to the owner with a message that is waiting to be reviewed
  • Transfer the credit amount for send message
    If enabled the amount of credits for send a message from story will be added to the story owner

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